Social Events

Social Programme Opportunities during the CEECOM 2018 Conference

31st May.

Szeged by Night – May 31. 21:00-23:00

The heart of Szeged is the inner city with squares, buildings and a mediterranean atmosphere. You can experience this atmosphere during an early summer evening if you walk along the bank of the Tisza, see the Old Bridge, the Saint Demetrius Tower (the oldest historic monument in the city); the Cathedral in the Dom Square (the symbol of Szeged); the Klauzál Square with the statue of Kossuth; the emblematic art nouveau palace, REÖK; the Széchenyi Square, the former market place and the City Hall with the „Bridge of Sighs”. During our tour you can discover all these historic sights of the city.

Available    for    the   first    40   participants      registered   via    our    doodle   questionnaire:

Fee: Free of charge

Tours start at the City Hall (Széchenyi square)

A night at the Anna Thermal Bath – May 31. 21:00-24:00

For those who would like to relax after the long day of thematic sessions, Szeged is offering a perfect opportunity to recharge the batteries at the Anna Thermal Bath in the heart of historical downtown.

Available          for          participants          registered          via           our          doodle          questionnaire:

Fee: 1200 HUF/participant (to be paid at the Anna Thermal Bath individually)


1st June.

Sightseeing wine-tour (Wine-Train) – June 1. 15:00-17:00

People in Szeged are wine fans. Today, wine is a popular product and its consumption has become an integral part of our gastroculture. Due to our diverse climate and soils, we can produce a wide range of wines in the Hungarian wine-regions. We also take great pride in our diverse grape varieties. Owing to the various geographical features a wide range of wine styles are represented here:

  • Font Kövidinka 2017, Soltvadkert
  • Molnár Borház Gold Generosa 2017, Mór
  • Egri Borvár Tóth Ferenc Kadarka siller, Eger
  • Mészáros Borház és Pince Reserve Bikavér 2015, Szekszárd
  • Recas La putere Fekete Leányka 2016, Rékas-Erdély (Transylvania)

Available    for    the   first    50   participants      registered   via    our    doodle   questionnaire:

Fee: 4800 HUF (to be paid in cash at the registration table at the conference in HUF)

The train starts at Borháló wine store (Szeged, Gutenberg street 10.)

Pick Museum – June 1. 15:00-17:00

Szeged is famous for its salami production that dates back to 1869 when Márk Pick opened his first salami factory. Since then the original recipe has changed just a little. To experience the original and undoubtedly world-famous Pick salami the best place is the Pick Museum.

Available for groups of at least 20 participants registered in our doodle questionnaire: However, the museum is available for individual visitors too, in this case please visit the website of the museum:

Fee: 880 HUF/participant

The social events may change due to cancellations.